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Writing a business letter plays an important role in communicating with a company. It is not similar to the letters written to your family and your friends with informal style. The below guidance can show what you should do in a business letter.


  • Need to use letterhead. You can use 8 1/2-inch-by-11-inch stationery with a matching envelope in stead of buying a note card in stores in case you don't have letterhead.


  • Let the alignment be left or justified on both sides.


  • Type name, title and return address four to six lines down from the top of the page when you don't have preprinte letterhead.


  • Omit two lines and type the receiver's full name, business title such as Mr., Ms. or Dr. and address, aligned at the left margin.


  • Type the formal letter using a word processor instead of writing it by hand.


  • Type the date two to six lines down from the letterhead or return address. The standard is three lines below.


  • Skip two to four lines and continue with your greeting, again using the formal name and closing with a colon.


  • Skip two more lines and begin your letter by introducing yourself because maybe the receiver does not know you.


  • Display main reasons for writing in the body of the letter. It can be a criticism, praise the business on its products or services, or ask for information. You should keep the letter to one page. A short letter normally will get a quicker response than a long one.


  • Skip two lines and end the letter with 'Sincerely,' 'Thank you' or 'Best wishes,' followed by a comma.


  • Leave at least four blank lines for your signature, and then type your name and title. Sign the letter in ink in the space created.


  • Make sure that your punctuation, spelling and grammar are good by using computer's spell-checking program or ask someone check the letter before it is sent.


  • Keep the voice of letter in smooth and polite way even though you are very upset with receiver so that you can get the reply as you expect.


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Guidance to Write Business Letter

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This article was published on 2009/12/10