How Can Military Career Transitions Be Improved?

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There are currently thousands of military personnel experiencing difficulties when transitioning from military service to their next career. While some obstacles are likely to be much more challenging than others, there are some practical solutions to many of these career transition problems. Different employment sectors will exhibit varying degrees of difficulty, and the discussion here will focus on the business, finance and real estate sectors. Here are several strategies that have the realistic potential to improve military to business transitions involving employment opportunities in those three areas:

  • Use expert help as much as possible
  • Seek less obvious career alternatives with less competition
  • Evaluate the availability and effectiveness of specialized training programs
  • Ask the right questions in all cases
  • Eliminate avoidable problems

The summary list of five military career transition strategies shown above is not intended to be an exhaustive one. It is particularly advisable for each individual to obtain career analysis and advice that takes their unique circumstances into account. But a considerable amount of study and research can be accomplished prior to that phase. Generalized information such as this article and related observations published on the internet can play a useful role in the transition process.

The practical need for career mentoring when military personnel are transitioning to another phase of their life cannot be emphasized too much. The process has unfortunately become even more challenging during the last few years. A major change in the economy and employment opportunities is related to the long-term damage inflicted by reckless behavior of many banks. The bailout of banking institutions might have effectively stopped the bleeding, but many of the patients are still on life support and it is still too early to know how this story will end. This has literally changed almost everything in many ways that are not always obvious to the untrained eye.

Whether the employment-related problems caused by banks and bankers are obvious or not, they still represent some of the most challenging obstacles which must be overcome by military personnel in their path to a successful and effective career transition. Ignoring these potential difficulties should not considered as part of any viable and prudent military career transition.

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How Can Military Career Transitions Be Improved?

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This article was published on 2013/09/17