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Now day’s references are playing a very important part of a candidates profile and also play a vital role in the hiring procedure. A reference is a person who you know professionally and who can vouch for you r integrity and professionalism.  A growing number of recruiters have started carrying out reference checks or background checks on new hires as well as candidates for the job by calling and speaking with people who have been professionally involved with the candidate in the past. Carrying out a reference check on a candidate or speaking with a person who either worked with the candidate or was the candidates supervisor or employer helps the recruiter ascertain whether the candidate has mentioned facts on his or her resume, and whether the candidate is worthy of being employed.

When drafting an administrative assistant resume, special care and attention should be given to your reference section, as your references can either make or break your chances of getting the job. You need to pay close attention your references, ensuring that you have the right person mentioned on your reference section of the resume, who can voice for your conduct and professionalism. Here we take a close look at how to write resume references for your administrative assistant resume, that will help you land a great job.

When drafting your resume references the you should:

Create a list of references: Start by listing down the names of people who you think would make for good references, both professionally and personally. Ideal candidates who should be used as a reference on your administrative assistant resume would include your supervisors, employers or colleagues with whom you have worked closely and who can vouch for your professionalism, character and work qualities or skills.

Contact the references: Once you have listed the references, you should contact these individuals, letting them know about your decision of applying for a job and ask them if they would be willing to be a reference for you. If the person agrees, take down their address, phone numbers and the best time that they could be contacted.

Go through your background: Ensure that you go through your profile along with them, review your background and go through information like the type of work relationship you shared with them. You cam want to recap the projects that you have worked on with the person and also recap your performance on the project. This would ensure that the person recollects your performance and will not miss out on an important point. You may also want to send your references a copy of your resume to ensure that they are aware about your profile.

Once you have your list of references ready for your administrative assistant resume, select 3-4 of references both on a professional and personal front.

On your resume, create a heading (at the end of the resume) titled Resume Reference. Ensure that this heading is in bold. Categorise your references in two sub categories, professional and personal references.

Now list the names of the professional references, their contact information and their official designation along with information on how long you know the person, how long you worked together and mode and preferred time of contact.

In the personal reference section, list the names of the persons, contact information and nature of relationship with the person.

Following these simple tips with help you choose the right references for your administrative assistant resume and will also help you write a great reference section for your resume.


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How to write resume reference

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How to write resume reference

This article was published on 2012/03/29