Perfman HR: When You Visualize Success, You Achieve It!

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Perhaps the best exercise of all for success in finding the right job or career is visualization. When my mother was alive she used to always try to convince us kids, that when we were down or scared about a situation, to visualize a good outcome. Being a typical child, her words usually went in one ear, and out the other. However, over the years, I have learned the value of her advice. I wish I had listened years ago!

Visualization really works.
Every morning when you wake up, take a few moments to close your eyes and visualize success. Visualize an interviewer reaching across the desk and shaking your hand, saying, “Congratulations, welcome to our team.” Or, “Congratulations… you’re hired!” Before every interview, visualize the outcome you want. If it is a phone interview, visualize the interviewer asking you to come in for a second interview. If you are interviewing in person, visualize the interviewer offering you a job.
When You Visualize Success, You Achieve It
Hopefully by now you are feeling better about yourself and your situation. When you believe in yourself, you can succeed at almost anything. Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before he finally found the solution to inventing the lightbulb. Colonel Harlan Sanders went to thousands of restaurants before he finally found someone willing to take a chance on his recipe for chicken.
Both Thomas Edison and Colonel Sanders had one thing in common. They believed in themselves. If you believe…you will achieve! So before moving on to whatever you are doing now, close your eyes and visualize success. You are great! You can do it! You will get the job you want at a salary you desire!
 Believe in Yourself
—Checklist Summary—
√ Say out loud…“I am great!”
√ Everything happens for a reason.
√ Get some rest, relaxation, and reflection.
√ Interviewing is just a numbers game.
√ Surround yourself with positive people.
√ Smile and shout…“I can do it!”
√ Don’t take rejection personally.
√ Treat the job search like a job.
√ Focus on what you can control.
√ When you visualize success…you achieve it.
A positive attitude is contagious. Those who catch it are forever cured!
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Perfman HR: When You Visualize Success, You Achieve It!

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This article was published on 2011/12/07