Projects for elderly via NGOs- A big help

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Walking past a homeless person and the pain, a man asks over, "Why, oh God, do you not do something for these people?" To which God responded, "I did do something, I made you." -- Old Sufi saying 

A man's life is usually separated into five major phases that is infancy, childhood, teenage years, middle and old age. In all of these phases a person has to discover himself in diverse circumstances and has to face diverse troubles. However, this age is not devoid of troubles. In this phase bodily power weakens, psychological strength reduces; money power turns out to be bleak and in addition to that there is inattention from the younger generation.

Elderly people can contribute enormously to the development of society – provided there is proper care for elderly. Cases of poverty, neglect, insufficient health care, shortage of health insurance and even violence against senior citizens are increasing day by day, though pretty unexpected for a nation that’s well-known for its traditions of respect for the old. Statistics demonstrate that management financial support; retirement fund plans and the like are not enough and are not appropriately managed, as well.

Unluckily Old Age has now turned out to be a common social problem in our society. In our current society, where wealth is the weighing machine of everything, elderly are considered as an economical problem and a communal burden. Besides, this time is inescapable and as a result of concern to all of us

Old age is observed as an unavoidable, unwanted, problem-ridden phase of life that we are compelled to live, marking time awaiting our ultimate exit from life itself. Sadly old age is related with various disease and general powerlessness. Lots of people get worried when they become older. Distinguishing this age with panic is a recent discernible fact.

NGOs present a list of high impact projects that allow you to make a contribution for helping the elderly, kids, environment and lots of other causes. If you want to donate, then you can take your pick from 100+ charity projects all over India.

There are end numbers of people who need our help so move forward and make a contribution…. TODAY…!!!

Save is a child care NGO in India carrying out various projects for elderly for their support.

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Projects for elderly via NGOs- A big help

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Projects for elderly via NGOs- A big help

This article was published on 2012/03/12