Ten Things Should Be Done Before 35 years

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The age of 35 years should be the boundry of one's career life. The previous 35 years of one's life lay foundations for one's future and rest of his life, besides, people become to have his specific target of future career in this period. If one has not made enough preparations for his career before 35 years old, he may just get old without a cause. Few people may become famous and successful late in life. It is necessary for people to seize the day to deal with the following issues:

1. Since time and tide wait for no man, we should seize every minute in life. At present, lots of young men have been terribly spoilt by their parents since they are the only children in their families. Being accustomed to the life of stretching to dress and eat, they just cannot take care of themselves. Lots of them do not the value of time, instead, they just wasted their time to kill the day. People with a strong time sense can manage their time and work better, which is better to have a happy future.

2. Do not waste time in entertainment. Usually people will graduate from their universities at the age of 24, which means they have entered the society later than their contemporaries who work before 24. If these graduates are only addicted to computer games, online chat, or parties, time of work will be decreased. It is better for them to devote themselves to work if they wish for a happy life.

3. People's memory will get worse and worse after 30, so they need to make every effort to acquire lots of knowledge as much as possible. As I mentioned above, the previous 35 years of people is the best time to prepare themselves well enough for their futures. One may feel regret when he is old if he learn nothing when he is young.

4. People should develop his career planning before 35 seriously. People come to understand their career orientation and think about their career planning gradually. On accounting of their advantages and disadvantages in the past working period, they finally make their career goals and carry them out.

5. Do not give up the jobs which they are interested in. Before 35, people should do jobs related to their interest, so that their maximum can be got out. Otherwise, people may feel depressed after 35. What's worse, their goals of careers may be affected, to some extent, they may not realized.

In my opinion, no matter what unpredictable results will be, people need to devote themselves to their interesting jobs and fields. Maybe they will fail, but they will not regret when they are old.

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Ten Things Should Be Done Before 35 years

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This article was published on 2010/11/20