The Role of Career Counselors

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Today there is an immense need for the students to resort to career counselors. We all are aware of the growth in the career options available to the students. They have a large menu of options to choose from, however, most of them choose the career which others are taking up or are influenced by relatives or pressurized by friends. However, the true potential of a student can only be realized with professional help. This help is provided by career counselors who give the correct career guidance to the student in accordance his/her career choices with his/her potentialities.

A career counselor is a professional who provides career guidance to individuals irrespective or the age or gender. They are highly trained individuals who give us unbiased opinions and help us making a choice for our career. They not only help us with starting a new career  but also include programmes which involve career exploration, personal career development, career change and other career related issues. The main aim of a career counselor is to help us choose a career option which suits our interests, matches our skills and would enhance our personality in the long run.

Many of us our fed up of our job, we do not enjoy the work. This has led to a monotonous life which has stagnated our growth and also affected our personal relationships. The root cause of all these problems is a wrong career choice. However, it is never too late; maybe we still do not realize our potential and are true value. A career counselor can help us short list a few career choices that will not only bring us success but also boost up our confidence level. Young students also seek help from career counselors. They help the students to explore various fields of career by giving the students a vivid picture of all the growing sectors of the world. They conduct personality assessment tests and cognitive ability tests which bring out our areas of strengths and weaknesses and helps us to make a choice. They do no pressurize the students or push them towards a career option , the choice is totally ours, they just guide us to the right path.

In recent times, there has been a strong inclination towards the career counselors by the youth of today. The major reason for this can be the growing competition and the need to achieve the apex of success. With the help of guidance provided by careed counselors, the students can achieve the best to their capability and also render help to the society.


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The Role of Career Counselors

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The Role of Career Counselors

This article was published on 2011/08/28