Trainee Jobs- Trainees in Demand, Fun Learning Process

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Nowadays, students even before getting graduated or even before completing their course want to get a first hand working experience and that’s what makes them land themselves into companies who are looking for trainees. Not many know that the companies never really teach them much but take more advantage of them. This is because a company will never open up their loop holes in front of a person who is with for a very short period of time. So all these students can learn from here are very basic things. Even the stipend that they give you is very less. But does this really matter? No. you know why? Because you are not there just to learn the work or to get a stipend but also to get an experience certificate this will enhance your resume. And where can you find these trainee jobs, not many are available in market and what all do you need to get a trainee job? Well answers are very simple. First ask your institution if whether they provide you with all these trainee jobs or not? If they don’t then ask for a NOC certificate from the on the letter head of the institution that you are an authorized student of their institution and they have no problem with you working in some company. Without this a company will never allow you to work for them as a trainee.

Now comes the part of what all you should do while going for a trainee interview and what all they expect from you. First thing, they expect you to be well versed with your subjects. If you are not a sincere student and you will never be a sincere trainee that’s what the psyche of your employer is, almost all the time. Do not expect them to pay you with high stipends, for the maximum stipend amount is somewhere around 12,000. If you want to work for money then trainee jobs are not meant for you. Even if you are expecting them to pt you at some high post then also these jobs are not meant for you. If your company tells you about the nature of the work that you will be doing then make sure when you sign the contract it is mentioned there that you won’t do anything less or more than what is written in the contract. Also check the profile of the company, because there are certain fake companies that provide students with trainee jobs, as these kinds of companies might pay you well but the experience certificate that you will get from them will be of no use.

You training are a fun learning process, so try and make maximum out of it. Also keep the contacts of few high posted people out there as this will help you after you complete your course. May be if they get impressed by work then they might hire you as a permanent employee with a good salary package. You should always be prepared for the opportunities even before they knock.

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Trainee Jobs- Trainees in Demand, Fun Learning Process

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Trainee Jobs- Trainees in Demand, Fun Learning Process

This article was published on 2011/11/16