What Does it Mean to Be Right Brained Or Left Brained and the Types of Careers That Fit Those Modes

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Some people know if they are right-brained or left-brained with their interests and abilities but many people have no idea what that really means. This article will discuss what it really means to be right-brained or left-brained and what career paths are better for each category. For example, many right brained people are creative and artistic and may enjoy some type of job in the arts or writing whereas, people that are considered left-brained may be more literal and statistical and like things like NKY accounting or engineering. Whether you are drawn to be an NKY accountant or a journalist, this piece will sort it all out.

The discussion of being right brained or left brained came about in the 1960's when a scientist noticed that different parts of the brain control different things. Although, humans only have one brain, we have two definite sides that control two modes of thinking. Most people prefer one mode to another and it shows up in career choices or things you like to do on your free time.

If you are considered left brained you are considered to be a logical person with sequential and rational thinking. You tend to be analytical and objective and look at things in terms of parts. Much of school is geared toward the left brained people with having to learn the order of things and having to do a lot of memorizing. People that consider themselves to be more left brained are good at math and science and tend to see things in a more black and white way. They break everything into smart parts rather than seeing something as a whole part. A good career for someone like this would be an engineer, an accountant or CPA or even a home organizer.

If you are right brained, then your thinking is more random and intuitive and you look at things more holistically and subjective. Right brained people look at something as a whole rather than in different smaller parts and are able to handle various things all at once. They don't see everything as having a right or wrong way and therefore see a lot of things as being in the middle or gray versus black and white. People who are right brained tend to be very creative musically or artistically and love to express themselves through their words, writing or gestures. Good careers for a right brained person would be a designer, movie director, a novelist, or a motivational speaker.

Not all people are clearly one thing or another and in fact there are many people that are considered both right brained and left brained depending on the situation. A stated earlier, however, most people even if they are good at both sides and modes have a preference for one side to the other. A great career for someone that is both methodical and analytical but also quite creative and artistic would be an architect. They have to use both sides of their brain to succeed.

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What Does it Mean to Be Right Brained Or Left Brained and the Types of Careers That Fit Those Modes

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This article was published on 2010/03/27