Who is a Mentor? Find a Mentor

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There are many people that are either looking for a way to improve their career prospects or start a new career from scratch after leaving school or college. Even people leaving university might still have no idea about what they want to do for a career and so may find themselves asking for help.

When you are in your final years of school or college in Australia you are offered a number of career advice sessions, these are designed to get you thinking about what it is you want to do. Trouble is that they don't answer the many questions. If you have a specific aim in life then these generalized career sessions are not going to be of any use.

What is a career mentor?

A career mentor is a very useful person to talk to, they are a personal trainer, but rather than getting your body into shape they kick your career into shape. They act as a motivator, and a counsellor, listening to your experiences and then reassuring you. A career mentor offers valuable support as you can say anything you want to them without fear of them laughing at you.

They are also completely unbiased which will make the advice that you obtain much more valuable and trustworthy. Most mentors are experienced business people, most have many years of experience. The ones that you will want to talk to are ones in either the same business or a similar industry as yourself. You can also get career advice from your colleagues.

If you can find a great career mentor then you can expect to get hold of some very useful and valuable impartial advice, they will also be able to guide you through career options and offer suggestions. These people can help you to get your foot in the door of a favorite job and get you to the interview. The coaching will also improve your chances of succeeding at the interview, and should make it more likely that you will get yourself a great job.

Finding a Career Mentor

Virtually anyone can be a career mentor as it's just literally someone to guide you through your career and help you to decide which decisions to make. By finding yourself a great career mentor you can easily improve your career.

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One of the best ways to find a career mentor is to use sites on the internet; one of the best is CareerSavant which is located at http://www.careersavant.com.au. This is a great site designed to put people in touch with Australian experts who know a thing or two about the industry that you work in. This should make it much easier to find a mentor to help you decide exactly what to do.

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Who is a Mentor? Find a Mentor

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This article was published on 2010/04/03